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How to Choose the Right Home Care Provider

In the last part of our series on home care services, we discussed the difference between skilled and custodial home care services, which is good preparation for this month's topic, the selection process. Why? Because it helps to know what kind of care you need before choosing the right home care provider for yourself or a loved one.

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The Decision No One Wants to Make:

Senior Care at Home or in an Institution? If you're like most families, you have (or will someday soon) come to a crossroads where you'll have to accept the fact that your elderly parents can no longer live independently and will need professional help - perhaps not skilled nursing care - but some kind of assistance with basic living that can't be provided by family members.

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Adult home care: independent contractors vs. home care companies

It's not unusual for family members to provide some or all of the non-medical home care needs of an elderly parent today. In fact, according to one recent survey, more than half of all caregivers are family members, usually daughters taking care of their mothers.

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The Telltale Signs: Knowing When an Elderly Loved One Needs Help

The need for home care may come as a result of an illness, injury, hospitalization, or simply the gradual process of aging. Certainly, there are a great many people who remain independent at home into their nineties. And although we may recognize that getting older can diminish us physically, it's still hard to admit when it does get the better of us - especially when it means the loss of independence and placing a burden on others.

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